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XP Walker™ (Extra Pneumatic)
XP Walker™ (Extra Pneumatic)
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This walker increases comfort, simplifies use and features a low rocker sole for added comfort and ease. Wider foot base ensures plenty of room for dressings. Relocated valves improve ease of use and patient compliance. Lightweight, durable semi-rigid shell helps support the limb and provides full-shell protection. Overlapping aircells provide intermittent pneumatic compression for edema reduction and callus formation and can be custom-inflated.

Part No. Female Male Size
01P-P Up to 5 Up to 4 Ped
01P-S 5 to 8 4 to 7 S
01P-M 8 to 11 7 to 10 M
01P-L 11 to 15 10 to 13 L
01P-XL 15+ 13+ XL

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