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PediPlast™ Advanced Moldable Footcare Compound
PediPlast™ Advanced Moldable Footcare Compound
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PediPlast™ is a hand-moldable silicone compound used to fabri­cate soft, yet durable, customized digital appliances in less than five minutes. It is non-toxic, odorless and hypoallergenic. No refrigera­tion or special handling is required. This compound has an indefinite shelf like and will not harden until it is mixed with the curing agent. Once the putty-like compound is mixed with the curing agent simply mold it directly to the patient’s foot. The material will harden into its permanent form, ranging from soft to firm, based on the amount of curing agent used. The finished product feels natural and is tear resistant and washable. Make custom hammer toe crests, interdigital spacers and bunion shields, treat almost any forefoot condition.

8000 Moldable Silicone Compound 100 gm. 1 Tube
8001 Moldable Silicone Compound 250 gm. 3 Tubes
8002 Moldable Silicone Compound 400 gm. 4 Tubes
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