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Square Toe Post-Op Shoe
Square Toe Post-Op Shoe
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The ProcareŽ Square Toe Post-Op Shoe addresses the special immobilization and protection needs of patients who undergo forefoot procedures and trauma. Differentiated from the Med/Surg shoes by the rigid sole, the square toe allows for ease of ambulation and pressure reduction while the skid resistant sole provides traction. High-ankle strapping maintains foot in proper location and square toe design acts as a bumper maximizing protection of forefoot. Forefoot fastening system and square toe box accommodates a wide range of dressing and treatment protocols. Soft nylon upper with reinforced heel helps prevent skin breakdown in critical areas. Universal style fits male or female and right or left.

79-81232 4 to 6 3 to 5 XS
79-81233 6.5 to 8 5.5 to 7 S
79-81235 8.5 to 10 7.5 to 9 M
79-81237 10.5 to 13 9.5 to 12 L
79-81238 13.5+ 12.5+ XL
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