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ProTech ¾ Insoles
ProTech ¾ Insoles
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Prefabricated orthotic support system designed to help relieve heel and arch pain, as well as knee and lower back pain. Prescription like support features double layer shock absorbing Poron/EVA cushion casing and medical grade therapeutic arch supports calibrated with flexibility. Heel cradle and comfort cushion stabilizes and protects the heel during landing. Anti-microbial ETC® top cover reduces friction, heat, perspiration and prevents slipping.

P2ASM 6 to 6.5 4 to 4.5 2XS
P2A 7 to 8.5 5 to 6.5 XS
P2B 9 to 10.5 7 to 8.5 S
P2C 11 to 11.5 9 to 9.5 M
P2D 12 to 12.5 10 to 10.5 L
P2E 13 to 13.5 11 to 11.5 XL
P2F 14 to 15.5 12 to 13 2XL
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