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Sof•Care® Heelcare® Long Boot
Sof•Care® Heelcare® Long Boot
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The Sof•Care® HeelCare® Long Boot eliminates heel pressure and provides consistent, dependable therapy with outstanding comfort. Designed with longer length for more complete lower extremity, it comes pre-inflated and is lightweight. Its unique air-channeling technology prevents and treats heel ulcers. Adjustable boot elevates the heel, providing zero pressure on the heel without increasing pressure on other areas of the foot or leg; thus, protecting it from pressure ulcer formation. Interconnected air cell design equalizes pressure, providing proven redistribution and air circulation to entire lower limb. Soft, pliable edges and straps enhance patient comfort. Designed for easy access and visibility of heel. Traction grommet for orthopedic application.

HCB203SL Heel Protector Boot 4.3 oz. 6” to 11” S
HCB204ML Heel Protector Boot 5 oz. 12” to 14” M
HCB205LL Heel Protector Boot 7.5 oz. 15” to 18” L
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