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Exoform® Ankle Brace w/Figure-8 Straps
Exoform® Ankle Brace w/Figure-8 Straps
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The Exoform is a hybrid between a stirrup and a soft ankle. It conforms intuitively to each patient’s anatomy. The stirrup shaped exo-skeleton is formed directly into a soft and breathable revolutionary fabric. Allows for normal plantar and dorsi flexion. Figure-8 heel lock strapping performs consistently, unlike taping that stretches over time. Constructed of highly breathable, quick drying fabric. Lightweight and low profile design.

20612 11” to 12” XS
20613 12” to 13” S
20615 13” to 14” M
20617 14” to 15” L
20618 15” to 16” XL
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