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Coverlet® Adhesive Bandages
Coverlet® Adhesive Bandages
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Flexible fabric bandages that conform to body parts without restricting movement. The unique woven fabric promotes wound healing and absorbs liquid fast. Features easyto- remove extra-large wound pad capable of absorbing 10 times its own weight in water. The adhesive surrounding the pad helps seal the afflicted area from dirt and contamination keeping wounds clean and providing an environment conducive to healing. Latex-free.

230 Strip ¾” x 3” Box/100
231 Strip 1” x 3” Box/100
301 Round 7/8” Box/100
303 Oval 1¼” Box/100
330 Patch 1½” x 2” Box/100
385 4-Wing 3” x 3” Box/50
801 Toe Shield 2½” x 1 1/3” Box/100
1306 Finger / Toe Tip2” x 2½” Box/100
1390 Knuckle 1½” x 3” Box/100
340000 Patch 2” x 3” Box/50
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