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Syringe with Safety Needle
Syringe with Safety Needle
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The McKesson Performance Syringe with Safety Needle maintains an ultra thin wall with extremely sharp needle to maximize patient comfort. Safety activation is intuitive, easy to learn and compliant with OSHA standards for Safety Engineered Sharps. Small sheath for better visibility and ISO-color coded packaging and needle hubs. Hard surface activation keeps fingers always behind needle. Bevel oriented up when sheath is to the right. Compatible with all major conventional syringes. Sterile, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic and latex-free.

102-SN3C221S 3CC 22 1 Box/100
102-SN3C22105S 3CC 22 1.5 Box/100
102-SN3C231S 3CC 23 1 Box/100
102-SN3C251S 3CC 25 1 Box/100
102-SN3C2558S 3CC 25 5/8 Box/100
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