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Performance Blue High-Speed Medical X-ray Film
Performance Blue High-Speed Medical X-ray Film
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Blue is ideally suited for use in general radiographic procedures with calcium tungstate intensifying screens. The low base plus fog and evenly dispersed silver halide crystals provides excellent high contrast and fine structured imaging. The polyester base which the emulsion is coated on provides dimensional stability to withstand automatic processing demands. The soft, blue tint evenly filters the harsh fluorescent illuminator light, while still providing outstanding clarity. Blue’s advanced emulsion technology is formulated to produce optimum results when processing in both automatic processors and manual developing systems. Provides high speed with low noise and is intended for radiographic applications where high speed is important. Latex-Free.

EBA45 High Blue Sensitive High 8" x 10" Box/100
EBA6A High Blue Sensitive High 10" x 12" Box/100
EBA21 High Blue Sensitive High 14" x 17" Box/100
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