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Histofreezer Cryosurgical Economy Kit
Histofreezer Cryosurgical Economy Kit
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The new Histofreezer 60M2C, formerly the H-60, is an extremely effective and fast cryosurgical, therapeutic treatment for the controlled destruction or removal of living tissue. Using a no freeze-thaw-freeze procedure this in-office, portable cryosurgery system treats 9 different lesions, including plantar warts. Each system includes a canister of cryogen, 60 applicators in 2 bud sizes and detailed instructions. Easy to use, 1 handed procedure, takes less than 60 seconds to complete and offer patients a 93.2% resolution rate. Equally effective as liquid nitrogen, but less cold reducing risk of scaring. 3 year shelf life. NO HAZMAT FEES.

60M2C Cryosurgery System 60-120 App. 24- 2 mm. & 36- 5 mm. 160 ml.
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