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Arthritic/Diabetic Gel Sock
Arthritic/Diabetic Gel Sock
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Unique to the Silipos® Arthritic/Diabetic sock is the proprietary gel insole that provides added support, cushioning, protection and comfort. The fluid like nature of the gel helps reduce friction, shear and callus formations. Additional benefits are a seamless toe design to eliminate abrasion and pressure on the toes. A non-restricive cuff allows for optimum patient circulation while remaining staionary. The Arthritic/Diabetic Sock also serves as a soft tissue supplement for fat pad atrophy, conforming to the shape of the foot. Single layer sock with 1/16” (2mm) of gel throughout the sole. Helps prevent foot ulcerations and provides optimum protection for the neuropathic foot. This sock can be worn with or without diabetic shoes and they are washable and reusable. Sold in pairs.

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