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ValguLoc® Bunion Splint
ValguLoc® Bunion Splint
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The ValguLoc is a postural splint for the correction of Hallux Valgus and bunion conservative and postoperative treatment. Using the 3-point principle it stretches shortened parts of the capsule and soft tissues. The big toe is brought into correct axial alignment by the application of small forces and postoperative loss of correction due to scar formation can be avoided. Velcro fastening allows for infinitely variable adjustment of the correction pressure.

Part No. Female Male Left or Right Size
1201310108061 Up to 5.5 Up to 5 Right S
1201310108071 Up to 5.5 Up to 5 Left S
1201310108062 6 to 9 5 to 8 Right M
1201310108072 6 to 9 5 to 8 Left M
1201310108063 9.5 to 13 8.5 to 12 Right L
1201310108073 9.5 to 13 8.5 to 12 Left L
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