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RX Custom Insoles
RX Custom Insoles
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Unequal RX Custom Insoles are considered the mid-point between off-the-shell insoles and full custom orthotics. Using a patented KevlarŪ composite, these customizable shock resistant insoles block up to 80% of the harmful shockwave impact that occurs in the feet during activity. The soft pliable KevlarŪ material is great protection that will not bottom out or flatten out. KevlarŪ is 5 times stronger than steel and considered the number 1 shock suppression material in the world. This helps reduce muscle injury, joint pain, foot fatigue and soreness. The luxurious Kevlar cushioning system follows the path of heel strike and foot planting, absorbing shock and helping prevent over pronation. The adjustable metatarsal arch supports offloads pressure from the ball of foot to help relieve forefoot pain. These insoles may help to treat Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Bone Spurs, Metatarsalgia, Hammer Toes, Gout, Fat Pad Atrophy, Corns, Achilles Tendonitis, Diabetes and Arthritis.Air portals keep feet cool and dry. Antimicrobial top cloth helps prevent blisters and controls odor. They are hand washable.

Each pair comes with 3 adjustable custom arch supports: firm, semi-rigid, and soft. Insoles are sold in clamshell packaging. Suggested retail price $49.95.

Part No. Female Male Size
RXS100 5 to 5.5 4 to 4.5 3XS
RXS200 6 to 6.5 5 to 5.5 2XS
RXS300 7 to 7.5 6 to 6.5 XS
RXS400 8 to 8.5 7 to 7.5 S
RXS500 9 to 9.5 8 to 8.5 M
RXS600 10 to 10.5 9 to 9.5 L
RXS700 11 to 11.5 10 to 10.5 XL
RXS800 12 to 12.5 11 to 11.5 2XL
RXS900 13 to 13.5 12 to 12.5 3XL
RXS1000 N/A 13 to 13.5 4XL
RXS1100 N/A 14 to 14.5 5XL
RXS1200 N/A 15 to 15.5 6XL
RXS1300 N/A 16 to 16.5 7XL
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