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ProGait ST
ProGait ST
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Built of strong aluminum alloy providing strength, yet allowing formability to change widths. Its open-cell breathable foam laminate increases comfort and reduces the possibility of skin problems. Straps engage and lock to brace uprights, holding the leg steady. With its computer-designed rocker tread and low heel, normal walking gait is promoted and pelvic tilt is prevented.

Part No. Female Male Size
AL032001BB- 1 to 3.5 1 to 2.5 XS
AL032003BB- 3.5 to 6 2.5 to 5.5 S
AL032005BB- 6 to 9.5 5.5 to 9 M
AL032007BB- 9.5 to 13 9 to 12.5 L
AL032009BB- 13+ 12.5 to 17 XL
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