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Charcot Conformer Boot w/Air
Charcot Conformer Boot w/Air
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For ulcerative or pre-ulcerative conditions of the sensate and non sensate foot. Also indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe plantar fasciitis or other foot conditions that would benefit from a more even distribution of body weight on the sole of the foot. Aluminum boot shell and upright system uniquely reforms to fit virtually any leg or ankle shape. Unique Automold™ Dual Density foot-bed is designed to evenly distribute body weight across the entire bottom surface of the foot, and up to one inch high on all sides of the foot. The auto-molding innersole features a skinned, cleanable smooth surface that molds itself to the foot shape. The pre-molded mid-sole is specially designed to enhance perimeter and side loading better than a total contact cast. The fully enclosed cocoon completely encases the foot and lower leg to provide maximum protection. Out performs Total Contact Cast in reducing peak pressure by 30% on average.

AL242104 5 to 6.5 4 to 5.5 Left XS
AL242204 5 to 6.5 4 to 5.5 Right XS
AL242106 7 to 8.5 6 to 7.5 Left S
AL242206 7 to 8.5 6 to 7.5 Right S
AL242108 9 to 10.5 8 to 9.5 Left M
AL242208 9 to 10.5 8 to 9.5 Right M
AL242110 11 to 12.5 10 to 11.5 Left L
AL242210 11 to 12.5 10 to 11.5 Right L
AL242112 13 to 14.5 12 to 13.5 Left XL
AL242212 13 to 14.5 12 to 13.5 Right XL
AL242114 15 to 16.5 14 to 15.5 Left XXL
AL242214 15 to 16.5 14 to 15.5 Right XXL
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