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AchilloTrain® Pro Achilles Tendon Support
AchilloTrain® Pro Achilles Tendon Support
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Extremely comfortable knitted support with a knobbed viscoelastic insert alongside the Achilles tendon to treat Achilles tendon injuries. Lightweight, breathable anatomical knit will not retain heat and provides an excellent fit. The insert has soft, proprioceptive stimulating nodules on the inside as well as longitudinal grooves so that the upper tendon and muscle-tendon transition and nerve endings are stimulated by the wing-like insert. With movement, the nodules provide a massage that accelerates the healing process. Designed to treat Achilles Tendonitis, tendon strains, Bursitis of the Achilles, Post Achilles tendon ruptures, Haglunds Deformity and Seiver’s Disease. Machine washable.

Part No. Circumference Size
11011051080001 6.75” to 7.5” XS
11011051080002 7.5” to 8.25” S
11011051080003 8.25” to 9” M
11011051080004 9” to 9.75” L
11011051080005 9.75” to 10.75” XL
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