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Zeuba® Ankle Support
Zeuba® Ankle Support
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The Zeuba Ankle Support stabilizes the ankle and reduces strain to maximize performance. This high quality support provides superior comfort and long lasting effectiveness. Highly elastic knit allows skin to breathe and equalizes temperature while compression increases circulation and energizes muscles. Reinforcing figure-8 elastic strap provides extra stabilization and a firm footing. Can be used to prevent ankle sprains, strains, instability and pain or swelling. Fits easily in any shoe. Machine wash and dry.

Part No. Circumference Left or Right Size
61000102902001 Less than 8.5” Right S
61000102903001 Less than 8.5” Left S
61000102902002 8.5” to 10.25” Right M
61000102903002 8.5” to 10.25” Left M
61000102902003 More than 10.25” Right L
61000102903003 More than 10.25” Left L
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